Stacey Donovan



Stacey Donvoan was born on October 9, 1964 as Kelley Howell in Encino, California in 1964.  Stacey entered porn as she badly needed money, and continued doing it strictly as the money was too good to give up. Stacey Donovan was warned by numerous photographers not to do XXX movies. They told her she was too pretty for porn, and that the industry would destroy her. She didn't listen, and suffered in the end.  Stacey Donovan grew up a strict Catholic, and had no sexual experience prior to porn, and learned everything on the set. Her mom found out about her XXX career, but her father didn't know at the time. She stated if he found out, that he would never speak to her again.  At one point Stacey Donovan wanted to go to school to study merchandising, or child care.

Stacey Donovan Aliases: Ashley Britton, Ashly Britton, Cal Culver, Camilla, Kelly Howe, Kelly Howell, Stacy Donovan, Tracy Donovan.

Stacey Donovan Trivia

Before entering adult movies, she was featured in Swatch television commercials, and was a model.

Stacey Donovan was a informant for the Meese Commission.

Stacey Donovan was the subject of a 1986 KNBC-TV news report "Confessions of a Porn Star"

She was blacklisted from the industry after turning states evidence in the late 1980's.

When she was a model she once appeared on the cover of "Seventeen" magazine.

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